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About us

About IDEM

Italian identity federation of universities and research institutes for authentication and authorization

IDEM has the aim of setting up and supporting a common framework for Italian education and research institutes to manage accesses to on-line resources. To achieve this goal IDEM encourages the development of a community based on mutual trust. In this way it will be easier for participants to take right decisions on access control matter, on the basis of information provided by the participants themselves.

To implement the federated system, IDEM allows to use any framework based on SAML standard. As the majority between participants uses Shibboleth, each new service that joins the federation must be compliant with SAML2 and interoperable with Shibboleth to interoperate in the federation.

Federation bodies are:
1. Member Board,
2. Policy Committee,
3. Technical-Scientific Committee.

The Technical-Scientific Committee collaborates closely with the IDEM GARR AAI Service, provided by GARR in order to run the Federation.

IDEM project

IDEM federation raises on foundations put on 2 years of activities (2007-2008) of IDEM project. GARR IDEM project, born to implement a federated infrastructure for authentication and authorization, successfully finished on March 31th, 2009 and succeeded in activating 20 Identity Providers and 10 Service Providers.
The project website is http://progetto-idem.idem.garr.it.