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  • Una Identità per chi studia e ricerca

IDEM is the italian national federation for universities and research institutions for authentication and authorization

IDEM enables you accessing several federated services making use of your institutional digital identity. For example, you can access electronic magazines from wherever you are making use of the same username and password you daily use for your university’s wifi network and email. The great majority of the universities and all major research institutes already take part in IDEM. If your university or your research institute is not already part of IDEM, report it via email to, contact

The GARR IDEM AAI service is the federation operator. It ensures high quality and effective technical operation of the Federation, enforces compliance to relevant standards, in agreement with other federation operator at the European scale and Worldwide


Institution connected to the GARR network can join the IDEM federation as a members. Third parties and other organisations can join as partners, to provide own services to the federation members

How to join Participants

Register a new service

Do you want to provide a service to the research and education community?
Do you want to allow your users to access thousands of resources and services?

Registering a SP Registering a IDP


IDEM participates in the worldwide interfederation service eduGAIN, enabling user to make use of thousand of resources made available by federations worldwide

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Technical support

GARR IDEM service provides technical support to new federation members during the registration phase, and supports entity managers who joined the federation during the whole entity lifetime within the federation

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Accesso ai servizi GARR e alle risorse elettroniche tramite la Federazione IDEM

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