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The IDEM Federation

IDEM (IDEntity Management per l’accesso federato), is the Italian Authentication and Authorization infrastructures federation for Research and Education. GARR, through the GARR IDEM AAI service, is the Federation Operator.


The main goal of IDEM is to create and support a common framework for the italian training and research institutions to access online resources through their institutional digital identity

IDEM as a trusted third party

IDEM acts as a trusted third party allowing to establish effective trust relationships among italian educational and training bodies and partners providing online resources.


IDEM implements standards for federated identity based on SAML 2.0, recognized and uses at the international level. IDEM joins the activities of REFEDS, the international group of Research and Education federation operators worldwide.



GARR, through the GARR IDEM AAI service, manages the federation and all related services.

Chi siamo

  • Davide Vaghetti (Coordinatore), GARR

    Davide Vaghetti (Coordinatore), GARR

  • Barbara Monticini, GARR, Firenze

    Barbara Monticini, GARR, Firenze

  • Marco Malavolti, GARR, Milano

    Marco Malavolti, GARR, Milano

  • Laura Pirelli, GARR, Roma

    Laura Pirelli, GARR, Roma

  • Mario Di Lorenzo, GARR, Bari

    Mario Di Lorenzo, GARR, Bari


Our tasks

  • Make available the Catalog and the Metadata of all active services: validity, trustworthiness and update of this information are solely responsibility of the participating institutions;;
  • Provide to the organizations belonging to the GARR Community the required know-how to implement services, through a dedicated help-desk, training and updates;
  • Provide to potential partners documentation and the necessary support to ensure resource interoperability;
  • Provide the federation discovery service (WAYF);
  • Manage and update the official federation website;
  • Manage and update the global entity registry;
  • Monitoring and auditing tasks.

Besides all this, GARR promotes the federation activities and the offered services through the organization of workshops, conferences, work meetings, and, more broadly, participation to events involving organizations potentially interested in joining the federation, or to establish collaboration agreements with it.



IDEM Federation Bodies

The Technical-Scientific committee acts in close connection with the GARR IDEM AAI service to ensure the smooth running and correct evolution of the IDEM Federation.