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Federated digital Identities allows users to access services and digital resources through one username and password, their institutional credentials. GARR IDEM AAI Service managed the IDEM Federation and supports organizations willing to join


IDEM, the Italian Identity Federation for Research and Education, is a long-standing reality operating for many years already in universities and research institutes in Italy and worldwide. Through IDEM, users can access many online services and resources, like online libraries, magazines, scientific papers, WiFi networks, elearning platform, electronic diaries.

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Opportunities offered by using one digital identity

Benefits for Organizations

  • Cost reduction in managing users and implementing new services
  • Centralized and uniform management of policies for handling personal data
  • Through eduGAIN, access to thousand of online resources and services
What is edugain Cosa è eduGAIN

Advantages for students, teachers and researchers

  • Reduction of the number of passwords to have to remember
  • Simplification of access to online resources, irrespective of the location from which researchers connect
  • Safety of Personal Data

Advantages for online services providers

  • Reduction of administrative load for managing identities and credentials
  • Opportunities to extend users set


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Easy access and sharing in complete security

Advantages, for Scientific and Biomedical Research

  • Optimization of management of users credentials
  • Simplification of access to a variety of resources worldwide
  • Simplified access to international scientific publications
  • High level of privacy and safety for Health data
  • Shared standards within the international community

About100, institutions - belonging to the Research and University community - are members of the IDEM Federation and there are 3000 institutions worldwide that belong to the eduGAIN Inter-federation. Carrying out research and studying means having easy access to available resources and scientific publications, minimizing the required steps and difficulties due to credentials and security problems. Users with IDEM digital identity have potential access to over 2300 services that are shared at the international scale.

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Benefits for the Cultural Heritage domain

  • Controlled access to data about digitized cultural heritage
  • Eased service provisioning and data consuming
  • Widening of the reference audience and support to international collaborations

The GARR network connects numerous and important museums and archaeological sites. The IDEM Federation has proven to be fundamental for the shared management of access to online resources, guaranteeing privacy and security and providing access to services to users of different types and with different affiliations. From videoconferencing to e-learning platforms, from libraries to high-performance computing portals, many resources are accessible in a unified manner to members of the federation and its users.

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Advantages for libraries and publishers

  • data banks, scientific articles and publications easily accessed via the IDEM federation
  • Simplification in the provisioning of editorial services to institutes and to research and education bodies
  • Widening of the reference audience and support to international collaborations

Since the beginning, IDEM has had a privileged relationship with the universe of libraries, especially universities, also through participation in meetings and conferences on the subject (Convegno Stelline).
Libraries dealing with the management of important numbers of users and with numerous contracts to different suppliers, can obtain, thanks to federated authentication, a considerable reduction of the administrative burden.

In the field of library services, IDEM has collaborated with the National Library Service (SBN), with the aim of making the inter-library loan service and supply of ILL-SBN documents (Inter Library Loan) more efficient and widespread, offering the possibility of authenticate with federated identifiers the operators and readers (students, teachers and researchers) of the partner libraries.

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Benefits for the Schools

  • Access to e-learning platforms, collaborative tools, cloud services
  • eduGAIN to share and collaborate worldwide

With the connection to GARR and the IDEM Federation, schools become part of an interdisciplinary community that unites universities and research and that sees the network as an indispensable element to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and skills, to enrich the educational experience and facilitate student orientation processes.

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